I told myself I was talented. Spirited Art & Painting with a Twist


I have gone to two “art” classes here in Knoxville. I’m happy with both paintings, but I still know nothing about it. The great instructors at both places, both gave wonderful instruction and eventually my parents adored both artworks….at least they said so.

Then I tried to do it on my own! To quote the comic strip Mensch…Hoo boy.

The places are both wonderfully supplied with talented instructors, Spirited Art is located in the Bearden area of West Knoxville – Painting with a Twist is off I-40 and Lovell Road, near Turkey Creek, in deep Knox county.

Being a cheapskate went to Spirited Art when they advertised on one of those social media advertisers (like groupon or living social) for half price. I think it game out to $35 for the session and a 16X24 original painting…by me. Similarly, Painting with a Twist advertised with my friend Kim Hansard on her radio program’s promotional event at Christmas called appropriately… Kim’s Favorite Things! There’s was a little more – $45 when I was paying half-price, but that was a much longer session featuring the photo you see me holding above…Go Vols! That’s SUPPOSED to be Neyland Stadium. Their sample version looked much more like the actual football venue, but I did say they don’t point it for ya.

My other painting was a seasonal painting for Christmas – hints of snow, Van Gogh, whimsical Christmas trees and Star Bursts…. neither Unicorns nor Glitter.

While some of you are probably thinking this is not a very manly or youthful think to do (pause to picture your dearly departed grandmother’s paint-by-number set from the Walmart Discount City in 1986), there were people in both classes aged between 18 and 60-something. There were definitely more gals at each class, but I wasn’t the only guy at either and we all scored date-points for something we all enjoyed.

If you’re at a loss for something fun to do one night check out both studios’ on-line calendar and class schedules. If one of their classes have a painting you’d like to personally copy with some proficient help, go go go!

If your town has nothing to do, too much drama or just doesn’t fit any more, consider Moving to Knoxville. It’s fit me like a glove for 20+ years! http://www.robsellsknoxville.com


About knoxvillerob

I love Knoxville - inside it's housing is where I'm usually found, after all I'm a Realtor and a Landlord. I love to shoot things and people with my camera and I probably like ya.
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One Response to I told myself I was talented. Spirited Art & Painting with a Twist

  1. Rob, your blog came up when I was researching painting with a twist & spirited art! How awesome is that? Love your blog!

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