MegaCamp 2011: My KW adventure begins…Welcome to…Knoxville?


Well, here I am at Knoxville’s McGhee-Tyson airport, waiting to wing my way with my pal Lucas down to Austin to attend the Technology Camp at Keller Williams’ annual Mega Camp 2011.

The thing is, MegaCamp started this morning! I hope to catch up and get back to “techion” speed once we get there. I guess I’ll be investing in some books and downloads from my heroes in KW’s tech stratosphere.

One of my favorite parts of air travel is seeing how cities are portrayed to their visitors.

I get a nice, warm feeling about Knoxville when I see Mayor Brown’s welcome above – but it’s not how I would have done it. The mayor would be there, of course, the cityscape is fine, but I would have spent the rest of the sign extolling the rich culture with a photo of someone like Knoxville treasure Kyle Campbell, tuning his banjo in front of a fall festival scene – the mountains in the background, an inset image of people enjoying WDVX’s Blue Plate Special in our Welcome Center on Gay Street or at Morelock Music.

Knoxville isn’t all music culture, I know, it could just as easily been a season graphic of children playing in the World’s Fair Park splash pad with the majestic Sunsphere standing guard or a crowd of Vols Football fans tailgating on the river looking up on Neyland Stadium Jumbotron graphic of 100+ years of tradition.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the mountains. I once lived on a street called LeConte View and I relished that view of the Smokies and beyond, but I wouldn’t necessarily fly into Knoxville to see the mountains…unless there was a music festival going on up there!

The boarding is about to begin, I’ll see ya in Austin.


About knoxvillerob

I love Knoxville - inside it's housing is where I'm usually found, after all I'm a Realtor and a Landlord. I love to shoot things and people with my camera and I probably like ya.
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