Keller Williams and the search for THE BIG WHY (Part 1)

This has been an awful, no account, very bad day. If something doesn’t change it will be one in a string of them. This isn’t about work, real estate or houses of any sort, it’s about life in general and the pursuit of it.


Rob Howard @knoxvillerob

The Search For My Big Why
I think whatever we allow to define us, if it doesn’t lead us toward something greater that we aspire to, then it will fail us. Being gorgeous or attractive, being loved by others, being popular or thought to be special in one way or another, we can’t control those things, they depend others and pretend they also that time doesn’t march along.

You and I (lol you may not even know me, but if you read on you may find we’ve got the same problem) have to find what we’re working toward ‘our big why’ and say not worry too much about the rest. If they choose to love us, help us, hate, hinder or admire us from a distance … whatever – it matters less than whatever that one big reason that you keep going toward. Someone I consider a friend recently talked about his ‘Big Why’ and how we all need one to keep on track, to work hard, to keep from giving up.

I’ve been groping with that, or carefully avoiding looking for it, for about eight years. In the meantime, a couple days ago one of my friends gave up on trying to control what we can’t control and had no big why. He ended his own life way too young. What a waste, we all said, but he gave up.


If not there is only a sunset on your way to achieving the undefined.

Another friend yesterday said that it was ‘do or don’t day’ for him, he’s either cranking up his career and life in full speed, or he’s going up find something else.

At KW, we’re constantly surrounded by those who are energetic, upbeat, helpful and successful – infusing my personal life with a sense of possibility and I realize that there is opportunity with every step I take – then I take that energy and run with it as far as it takes me. For so many of us that enthusiastic injection only lasts until we sit down and start to work only to allow our lack of direction to put us in a tailspin until the firecracker is spent.

By God, I’m not going to give up. Before midnight tonight I’ll sort out my ‘Big Why’ I’ll share it with you. I hope you get one too.

The Big Why concept probably didn’t originate with Keller Williams. I suspect it originated in the Bible, in fact I know it did. If God is your Big Why, he’s the best, but one word isn’t focused enough. Paraphrasing my friend Chad, it has to be something so defined as to be pictured and so important that if it doesn’t happen your heart will break.


My cat, JK, has been my constant companion on the road to my Big Why. He's 15 years old.


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I love Knoxville - inside it's housing is where I'm usually found, after all I'm a Realtor and a Landlord. I love to shoot things and people with my camera and I probably like ya.
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4 Responses to Keller Williams and the search for THE BIG WHY (Part 1)

  1. I especially like your Epilogue. Keep looking forward and up Rob, your “Why” will be answered. Faith buddy.

    • knoxvillerob says:

      You’re awesome, Catrina! I have always had my why. Before this exercise it was a fuzzy, distant, out of focus notion. A reason I love who I work with is the encouragement we give to each other when we need it. I appreciate you very much!

  2. laurie says:

    There. Is no one answer to Why! People I fear end it because they do loose site of the fact that faith, hope in a power greater than ourselves is why. You can climb to the top, but in the end what really matters?

    • knoxvillerob says:

      You’re right Laurie, we each have our own WHY for getting up in the morning. I’m not equating my friend’s passing to anything except the fact that it was a wake-up call for me.

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