Home not selling quickly? Check the aroma.


There are so many variables that come into play when a potential home buyer walks through your house. A major factor to keep in mind when getting ready to sell your home is what someone senses when entering.

Usually a buyer makes a decision about whether your home is a fit within seconds of entering. In my 13 years of real estate, I’ve averaged 30 minute tours through most homes. The other 29.7 minutes of a home tour are for a buyer to convince themselves they’re right about their choice. If they love your house they’re trying to place their furniture, imagining what it will be like moving in the space and cooking (or opening take-out) in the kitchen. If they’re sure it isn’t a fit, they’re making mental notes about all that they don’t like.

A recent buyer told me that a wine rack in her new kitchen (an afterthought from my seller to fill an empty space) was the difference maker in feeling that it was already her home.

A major effect of your very first impression of a home is the aroma that pervades. In today’s homes everything is usually sealed up pretty tightly. Your smells are the home’s smells. Nobody likes a homes that smells of stale cigarettes or the delicious salmon you cooked the night before, but without airing out the space your lifestyle will be evident as the inside air rushes out to greet the buyer’s agent and the person holding the money!

Homeowners with pets or a predilection toward preparing strongly aromatic ethnic-style meals should be especially aware of the aromas they leave behind. Curry, kim chi and some other of my personally favorite dishes can really leave a strong impression that would probably be better cleansed than encountered.


Sometimes James K. Polk stinks!

My cat is perfect, he’s my best friend, but he never learned to flush, so any time I’m trying to sell my own home, particular attention to the litter box is key!

No amount of staging, decluttering or de-personalizing your space (though all of those are factors) can overcome a strong disagreeable smell in a showing.

Get the most from your home’s character, by making sure the aroma is as neutral as possible!

If you’re thinking of selling your home and need a thorough evaluation in the greater Knoxville / East Tennessee area call Rob Howard at Keller Williams Realty, 5616 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37917. Office: 865.694.5904 Cell: 865.385.9070 – Each office independently owned and operated.

Rob Howard, Keller Williams Realty, Knoxville TN

Sell or Find your home at Howardkw.com


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