Vegan, Keto & Knoxville Real Estate

Yesterday I had a fun exchange with one of my dear friends who decided to let me be her real estate agent. She was so excited about doing our final walk-through and tacitly planning a get-together house warming. We joked about the menu because she’s a vegan and I have been on the keto diet for a few months (37 lbs down so far!) The resolution was more of a well-labeled potluck. We dropped the planning session as we wrapped up the walk-through and took down the sign. All smiles all around.

In the past few months, real estate has been extremely fast-paced – more than any of my previous 16 winters in the business. The clients and friends with whom I’ve worked have all been positive, energetic, fun and a little nervous on occasion, but it’s so neat how they have been a true cross-section of America. Diverse in every sense of the way – politically, racially, socio-economically with diverse needs, wants, challenges and expectations.

One came to Knoxville as a refugee from an oppressive homeland, others are coming here because Florida was too …. “Florida.” One was the first transgender person to run for office in Knoxville! One was a vegan, others we never talked about food – some I met at the next table at Sami’s while I chatted real estate with a buddy! Those are just the buyers! The same could be said of the sellers as I prepare to go tour and hopefully list an antebellum estate down close to my hometown – someone I met nearly a dozen years ago who happened to hang on to my business card.

I think my take away from the recent, wonderful group of folks that we’ve helped is that it’s no surprise that Yassin’s in Knoxville is named the ‘Nicest place in America.’ While everyone around here holds strong opinions, I have experienced how much we all have in common, what we share and how awesome life can be when you care about the people more than the differences.

Whoever you are, whatever you believe or like to eat – as long as you’re kind and respectful … and ready & motivated to make a home move at Hutch & Howard we’d love to work with you! Call our office at 865-966-5005 or our cells at (Brandon 865-216-2009) or (Rob 865-385-9070.)

About knoxvillerob

I love Knoxville - inside it's housing is where I'm usually found, after all I'm a Realtor and a Landlord. I love to shoot things and people with my camera and I probably like ya.
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