Who do you recommend in Knoxville?!

Since I began real estate in Knoxville when this century was in its beginning to turn, one constant and consistent question has come from friends, clients, customers and other folks I talk with who learn that I’m a REALTOR.

“Who do should I use for _________?”

Get your home ready to sell!

The blank has been everything from local trash pick-up, plumbers, handymen, electricians, central heat and air repair folks, deck builders, new home contractors, lawn contractors, home inspection people, painters, lenders, roofers…….. – basically every service known to the Knoxville homeowner! As people come and go in business I have noticed a trend — first the vendor decides they’re going into business for themselves, next they promote and attend events and other things where we’d meet. I’d send them some of my friends and they’d do an amazing job for them. Then they get popular, busy and harder to get lined up or totally unresponsive. For this reason, I’ve gotten more and more resistant to recommending folks – though I know Word of Mouth is the best way to grow and maintain a business. I’ve probably been guilty of doing that myself at stages in the past – but that’s one reason we teamed up and added members to my own team who make sure that we are responsive, even when I’m personally running in 6 directions!

Real Estate is Fun with Hutch & Howard!

Here is a list of some of the folks who’ve proven to do a great job and show up on time. I don’t have agreements with any of these that I get paid when someone uses them or anything like that, though if they ever want to send me a buyer or seller, or if they want to do co-marketing or share the cost of advertising I’m happy to talk!

These are folks who’ve proven in the real world that they’re awesome – in Dave Ramsey’s words – here are my Endorsed Local Providers!


Lenders – There are so many great lenders in town, but I’ve had wonderful luck with communication and getting deals closed and general awesome experience with Foundation Mortgagehttps://www.fmloans.com. Nick Galbraith, Josh Purvis and Trevor Hill are all great. Their office number is 865-392-5450. Other good folks with different companies include Joe Pace and Adrian Hall.

Home Inspectors – Home inspectors seem to be coming out of the woodwork these days. I choose to recommend some of them based on the temperament and level of fear that the buyers have. Everyone I work with creates a comprehensive report, but some highlight things that MIGHT become an issue and extreme checklist person – my engineers – I really like Ethan Hotchkiss with Brass Tacks. If you’re more squeamish and prefer a great inspection with the same information but a little softer touch (I’m personally a touchy-feely guy who wants to know if the place I’m getting is a good one or if it’s about to fall down) I would recommend Tommy Kirby at First Choice Home Inspection Services. There are lots more good ones, but these are my personal go-to recommendations.

Title Company – Title companies are popping up everywhere as well. Just month I’ve had closings at several that I’ve never heard of before – that’s evidence of the amazing economy we’ve been experiencing the past few years. There are two veteran title companies that come to mind as excellent in the customer experience aspects of the business. Robb White at Crown Title – is hands down the most entertaining of all title company personalities in town. His wonderful veteran staff takes care of every aspect with great attention to detail and communication. Closings elsewhere are pleasant, professional affairs – passing papers with explanations of what the buyer and seller are signing. Robb has a singular gift for making this event FUN. While it’s not for everyone, most of my clients who have ever closed there have had glowing reviews. Another title company I’ve enjoyed closing with in Knoxville is Admiral Title – Phyllis Burnett’s staff are all wonderful friendly folks who do an excellent job in a great centrally located location in Bearden near Cedar Bluff. In Maryville, I usually close at Foothills Title. Troy Brown has an impressive staff who do great work with several convenient locations around town.


Remodel / Home Sale Repairs / General Contractor – Historically this has been one of the more volatile of groups I’ve ever been asked to recommend. It could be because a great contractor who charges a decent price can easily be overcome with calls for help and over-extend themselves whenever word gets out that they are awesome. Jimmy Manning – 865-556-6980 has always done a great job for me. He fixed several issues that have developed over time at my own home and has helped several of my clients with work needed within tight real estate deadlines – always taking care of the needs when called upon. Another great contractor that is highly popular with the Hutch & Howard team is Kyle Hohman with Unique construction who has done work for several more of our clients.

Happy new homeowners Zack & Alexis at their home in Downtown Knoxville!

Like I mentioned above, there are too many great local service providers to cover all the services. If you’re thinking of getting your home ready to sell or have questions about our process or and how we do business OR you need a personal recommendation for a great service provider that I haven’t yet mentioned. Feel free to call me Rob Howard at 865-385-9070 or Brandon Hutchison at 865-219-2006 or our office at Keller Williams in Farragut / Hardin Valley at 865-966-5005.

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I love Knoxville - inside it's housing is where I'm usually found, after all I'm a Realtor and a Landlord. I love to shoot things and people with my camera and I probably like ya.
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