Knoxville: Old North Bungalows and Riverfront Condos

This weekend I was showing a condo that looked out on the Tennessee River – it was a great place, looking out over weekenders in their pontoons, paddleboards, these crazy water-bicycles that looked like they might be harder to operate than the person who rented them might’ve expected. The condo was lovely in it’s own right without such a spectacular view of the new Suttree Landing Park. There were things that I would personally change and my client asked what I’d suggest – all my suggestions, I realized later, would have made the 1990s vintage place look and feel more like the 1890s homes in the Old North Knoxville and Fourth & Gill areas that I personally love so much. He liked many of the ideas, but we both realized at the same time that the suggestions would be tough to pull off in a “newer” place. At the end we agreed that putting in hardwood floors would be an age-appropriate improvement over some of the other ideas.

In a fit of self-awareness I realized that he wasn’t asking for my ideas on how I’d make it my own favorite spot in Knoxville, but how to make it perfect for him. In that moment I started asking better questions and tailoring answers and ideas – even suggesting other locations that might make his home happen more easily. We may end up circling back the “million dollar view” that would be nearly impossible to find elsewhere, and in the price range. If we do that he’ll have seen a few more places that might help him craft that place into HIS place.

Earlier in the day I’d done a final walk-through inspection of a home in Oakwood-Lincoln Park neighborhood before a closing scheduled for this week. My suggestions would have made the condo (priced well over $300,000) more closely resemble the beautiful old house a couple miles away that was about ⅓ the price. The next time someone asks what I’d do to a place, I think I’ll dig a little deeper in my experience than the last home I saw that I loved. 

Whether it’s a riverfront condo, a charming bungalow or the suburban family home that you’re looking for we’d love to help with the search and help you sell your current place to someone who’ll love it like we do!

Hutch & Howard – Keller Williams
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I love Knoxville - inside it's housing is where I'm usually found, after all I'm a Realtor and a Landlord. I love to shoot things and people with my camera and I probably like ya.
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